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Board Enhance has an extensive database of executives and board members – all of whom are qualified to work on boards of directors and advisory boards.

Our Candidate Search tool helps you find the most suitable candidates – quickly and easily.

We can help you find suitable candidates – completely free of charge.

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Free search tool for board member candidates

We can help you find your next board member in our Candidate Search database, which includes our participants who have completed our Board Diploma Programme.

Once you have described the type of profile you are looking for, we will find a number of suitable candidates and contact them with information about the role. The candidates can then apply directly to your vacant position. You organisation is responsible for the interview and selection process.

Our search tool is free of charge, and there is no obligation to choose a candidate from our database.

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    We can help you find your new candidate for the Board of Directors, free of charge.

    Candidate Search FAQs

    With a large network of board members and candidates, Board Enhance has a unique opportunity to help you search for competent board candidates. We’ll send you relevant candidates and it is completely up to you for whether you choose to proceed with one of our candidates or not.

    How can this service be free?

    At Enhance, we work to strengthen board work through our specially developed Board Diploma Programme. Through our talented alumni, we want to increase the competence and value-creating work in the world’s boards and that’s why we offer this free service.

    Can we say no to candidates?

    Absolutely, you can say no to candidates that you do not find suitable.

    Why choose Candidate Search?

    We have many different candidates with widely differing characteristics. Whether you are facing a turnaround, growth, internationalisation or something completely different, we can help you find suitable candidates.

    How long does it take before we receive the first applications?

    You will start receiving notifications from interested candidates who have been selected and validated by us within 7 days.

    Can Board Enhance be held liable if the cooperation fails?

    Board Enhance only communicates the interest from candidates. From here, you and the candidates continue the dialog further and Board Enhance cannot be held responsible for any further actions. However, we are able to assist with new candidates if the collaboration fails.

    What should we pay special attention to?

    Be as specific as possible in your communication of what you are looking for in your next board member, it gives us the opportunity to optimise the search and refer the most suitable candidates to you.