Processing of personal data

We store information about the company you work for, your name, your title, as well as your email and phone number to know when we can contact you again or to know that you do not want us to contact you again. If we haven’t contacted you in the last 24 months, we will delete the information. You can also request us to delete this earlier.

Management of communication regarding Board Enhance’s events

If you are interested in staying updated about upcoming training sessions and practical information related to them, we will request your consent. Upon consent, we store information about the company you work for, your name, your role, and your email address. Data is stored until you inform us that you want it to be deleted.

For current and past course participants

We store the data that is relevant to fulfil our deliveries to you. After you complete your training with Board Enhance, all personal data that can be considered sensitive, such as special dietary requirements or similar needs, will be deleted.

We store the following data:

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Company’s billing address and invoice information
  • Role in the company
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • The course you are participating in
  • Special dietary requirements or other specific preferences that affect the product we deliver to you

Purpose of stored data

Company name, address, name, billing information, and phone number are stored to determine your eligibility to participate in a training session. These details are required according to the Accounting Act.

Phone number and email address are stored to be able to notify you about the ordered training and provide information related to it. The information is used exclusively by Board Enhance. Contact information such as company, names, and email addresses (non-sensitive data) may be shared with third parties directly involved in delivering the specific product. For example, in the case of accommodation, the accommodation provider may need this information.

Information about special dietary requirements and other preferences is stored if you have provided it to Board Enhance to ensure the best possible experience during our training.

In case you share experiences/expectations or similar information, the data is stored to meet your needs and maximize your benefits from our training.

Information about the training you have attended is stored to invite you to alumni events and further training. You can always contact us if you do not wish to be part of the alumni network.